Project Description

Split pipes made of PE-HD with snap-on system

For the subsequent protection of cables, which have already been laid, or for repairing damaged pipe systems

  • Sealed against fine sand
  • Reusable
  • No sleeve required
  • Extendable to any length
  • The joining of the split pipes does not require any tools
  • A continuous pipeline is achieved by offsetting the top split pipe (no sleeves required)

Use as a repair split pipe:
Our 120 mm x 5,0 mm split pipe is constructed in a way that the locking mechanism is on the outside of the pipe, which means that the inner diameter of 110mm is fully usable without dimensional limitations. Therefore, the split pipe can be clamped over the defective cable conduit like a plaster over a wound. You don’t need to saw off the damaged pipe section!

Standard design:

Material: PE-HD
Locking system: snap-on locking
Colour: black
Length: 3 m

Split Pipes made of PE-HD with snap-on system

Item designation Outer diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Pallet contents (m)
RHS-R 50 x 4,0 58 50 4,0 330
RHS-R 75 x 4,0 83 75 4,0 180
RHS-R 100 x 5,0 110 100 5,0 162
RHS-R 110 x 5,0 120 110 5,0 144
RHS-R 141 x 9,5 160 141 9,5 72
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